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501 Low-fat Recipes

Author: The Australian Womens Weekly
ISBN: 9781863966467
Imprint: ACP Books
Binding: Pbk
Featured in the April, 2007 magazine
(A good read)

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Australian author
501 Low-fat Recipes

Publisher's synopsis:

This collection shows just how delicious low-fat food can be. One serving of each recipe contains less than 15g fat, but you'd never know: they all taste wonderful. No artificial ingredients are used: this is food that is not only low in fat it's nutritious too. There are recipes for breakfast, light meals, appetisers, soups, mains, desserts and even a chapter on low-fat parties. Preparation and cooking times are included to help plan each dish and every recipe has a fat, kilojoule, protein, carb and fibre count. Mouthwatering, low-fat temptations such as corn fritters with roasted tomato chilli jam and chocolate and ricotta tart will make maintaining a low-fat diet easy.

Book review:

... has appeal far beyond the anxiously overweight audience...

Review by: Meg Thomason


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