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Very Persistent Gappers of Frip

Author: George Saunders
Imprint: Bloomsbury
Binding: Paperback
This title is suitable for ages 10+
Featured in the April, 2002 magazine
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Very Persistent Gappers of Frip

Publisher's synopsis:

Gappers are baseball-sized, burr-shaped orange creatures with a compulsion to creep up out of the sea and fasten themselves to goats. When a gapper attaches itself to a goat, the goat becomes unhappy and stops giving milk - when gappers get your goat it means trouble! The town of Frip survives by selling goat milk, so the children must brush gappers off the herd eight times daily and dump them into the ocean. And when neighbours fall out with each other, the problem increases! It takes the ingenious approach of a young girl called Capable to find a solution.

Book review:

... hip humorous, intelligent morality tale. Readers won't be disappointed.

Review by: Angela Groutsis


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