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Popeye Never Told You

Childhood Memories of the War

Author: Rodney Hall
ISBN: 9781741967593
Imprint: Pier 9
Binding: Pbk
Featured in the June, 2010 magazine
(Highly recommended)

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Australian author
Popeye Never Told You

Publisher's synopsis:

In this memoir of his childhood in England during the Second World War, author Rodney Hall uses a little boy's point of view to tell the story of a time that changed the world. A time that not only changed the world, but one that would put into train events that were to shape Rodney's life.

This is a rare and touching memoir. The voice of the young Rodney, the innocence with which he surveys the world and his impressions of what is going on around him, the wonderful character of his mother, her bravery and stoicism, and the many charming and lovely stories - all these combine to make this an extraordinary book that readers will fall in love with.

Book review:

'Popeye Never told you', is an accessivle and beautifully written memoir of Hall's early childhood.

Review by: Grant Hansen


Award: Shortlisted, Victorian Premier's Literary Award Year: 2010 Prize: Non-Fiction


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